Need some fundraising tools?

Use Social Media
There is tremendous power in social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and You Tube will help you surpass your fundraising goal and spread awareness about this cause. We recommend directly linking to your NBTS profile page in your Facebook profile or in a status update!

Corporate Matches
Many employers offer to match gifts made by employees. Check with your HR Department to see whether your company participates and when sending thank you notes to your donors, ask them to check in with their employer as well.

Online Fundraising
Online fundraising is the quickest and easiest way to raise valuable funds! Follow these steps to get started today:

  1. Visit the registration page by clicking here . On the event page click on the register tab or button. Decide whether you would like to register as an individual, create a team or be part of an existing team. 
  2. When you complete the registration process a fundraising page will automatically be created for you. 
  3. Log in to your Participant Center and customize your personal page. Share your story and include pictures or a video. Check out the Participant Center Guide or the video for step by step instructions, and to learn about all the cool features. 
  4. Upload your address book and send an email to all your friends, family and co-workers. Ask them to join your team or support you by making a donation. We’ve already created email templates for you so they’re ready to send today. 
  5. Follow up with your contacts. 
  6. Thank your donors.

Beyond Online Fundraising

Here are a few ideas to help you raise money: 

  • Hold a garage sale, and make posters to let people know that sales will support the your ride.
  • Do you know a chef? Photographer? Musician? Ask your friends and family to donate items or services, or create your own. Sell tickets for a drawing, and make sure to let everyone know that the proceeds will support your ride. You can even host an event with a live or silent auction.
  • Fundraising with Food - Ask the manager at your local restaurant to donate a percentage of the day’s proceeds to support your fundraising efforts. Work with the restaurant to create a flyer and make sure to let everyone in your network know. 
  • Baking for Bucks - Let the smell of fresh baked cookies, cakes, and cupcakes entice your friends into giving, or get them all involved and hold a bake sale at your school, community center, or work. 
  • Get Crafty - Are you a great photographer, avid knitter, jewelry maker, or do your kids enjoy making projects? Sell your art to raise money or consider organizing a raffle or auction. 
  • Change for Change - Are pennies, nickels, quarters, and dimes weighing down your wallet? Set up a change jar at your home or in your office, and invite folks to lighten up by getting rid of their extra change. You’ll be surprised by how fast all those coins add up! A little imagination goes a long way!